Dystrophic Downloads

Dystrophic Downloads


Chicken Archery

Shoot Chickens for arrows at the Outhouse Ogre's outhouse. Try shooting all the way to the left or right.

Elf Bowling

Download the famous(or infamous) Elf Bowling. Play as Santa bowling over elves on strike in the North Pole.

Elf Bowling 2

Play ShufflePuck with elves on a cruise ship in the tropics. Be sure to listen to what the elves have to say when they pop out of the deck.

WinZip 8.0 - Evaluation Version

Download this file to get a FREE ZIP file extractor. Required to unzip ALL ZIP files. *Recommended.

NiteRaid - Demo

*ZIP file. Great game when you're bored out of your skull.

Funpack #1

Includes 5 classic games - Block Breaker, Tetris(EML), Hyperoid, Warheads, and Chomp(PacMan). 5 stars.

Funpack #3

7 more classic games. Fortress, AForce, Spacebomb, Slam!(Table Hockey),


Catapult some frogs onto the target in the center.


Simply the best media player you will find anywhere.

Sink Sub Pro

I am still trying to guess the registration name and number. If you find out, please email me at dystrophic@hotmail.com. Anyway, you are a destroyer and you try to sink submarines with depth charges. 3 difficulty levels.

The Forge(Warhammer 40,000 Army List Generator):

Tyranids Army List File
This list is not completely correct for advanced tyranid players or those that wish to make their own Hive Fleet(such as myself), because it does not contain the special rules for added mutations or biomorphs. I made my own list, and it is listed below.

Tyranids w/ Special Rules Army List File
I made this list myself, and have printed out numerous things off of it. It is correct as of October 2001, and will be until the new edition comes out.

Orks Army List File
Don't know if it is correct or not, because i do not play Orks.

Space Marines Army List File
A few things are incorrect, but it is mostly correct. I wouldn't worry, since you can edit this out and a computerized army list looks great in tournaments. I have made my own army list generator for Space Marines, listed below.

Space Marines Army List File(New)
I made this list myself, and I also play Space Marines, so it is correct as well. Enjoy.

Imperial Guard Army List File
Again, I have no idea whether this is correct or not, for I do not play Imperial Guard either. I may soon though, and start an Armored Regiment of my own, which means that I get to take Leman Russ Battle Tanks as HQ and Troops choices, along with any other vehicles I wish to include in my army. Anything that does not have an armor value is not allowed in this. I suggest checking it out.

My October 14 Tournament Army List, Tyranids
Simple little thing for those who would like to know what I entered in that tournament.

Hive Fleet Bloodhound Army List
The complete list of my Tyranid army.

Black Death Army List
A complete lsit of my Space Marine army, the Black Death. For a history of my armies, check the Warhammer 40,000 section of my site.

StarCraft Maps:

Click here for a list of the StarCraft maps without this other mumbo-jumbo above.


Ashland - 8 players, kinda like a bloodbath map.

Balzac's Bloodbath - 8 player bloodbath map.

Big Game Hunters - The name says it all.

Best - generic home-made map.

BetterBest - generic home-made map.

BigBoomer - generic home-made map.

Booomer - generic home-made map.

Deathpac's Version of Bloodbath - another bloodbath map. My favorites.

Desert.scx - home-made desert map. Not too shabby.

Direct Combat - generic home-made map.

Free Things - generic home-made map.

Green Hunter - generic home-made map.

Jungle Land - generic home-made map.

Lava Pit - generic home-made map.

Mr. Bad - generic home-made map.

Ninja_dude Goes Hunting - Not that bad of a map. I made it myself, as a matter of fact. Recommended.

Pacifist's Hunter - I made this map about a year ago, when my Battle.Net name was Pacifist_69.

Platform Crossing Wars - generic home-made map.

SD Money - EXCELLENT money map. I play this map just about everyday on Battle.Net or by myself. It kicks complete ass.

Tarsonis - generic home-made map.

Tarzan - generic home-made map.

The Hunters - generic home-made map.

World War 3 - very good map.

Use Map Settings:

The Enemy.scx - pretty cool UMS map. Good ideas, good gameplay.

The Dollar Store - everything is either completely free, or costs 1. All things build/upgrade instantly.

A Day at School - excellent UMS map. Great concept.

Ender's Game - Battle Room V 3.0 - pretty cool.

Everything's Free - as the name suggests, everything in this map is free.

Mario VS Pokemon.scx - pretty cool as well.

Sniper Paintball Ultimate.scx - snipers game, with upgrades. One of the best.

Space Battle.scx - one in a series of Star Wars RPG maps, created by yours truly.

Star Wars RPG.scx - another in my series. Take control of the StarGate with your favorite Star Wars characters...If you have not seen the show StarGate SG-1, which airs at 10:35 CT on CBS Saturdays, you are missing out...very interesting show.

Tatooine.scx - yet another Star Wars RPG in my series.

Toonami Wars V3.scx - Toonmai Wars. I simply cannot win at this game.

Warhammer 40K Armies.scx - pretty cool map, made by me in an attempt to 'Warhammer-ize' Battle.Net.

Warhammer 40K Bloodbath.scx - Warhammer 40K madness map, created by me, myself, and I.

Zergling Blood Madness 3 - I have no idea how i got this map.

Zone Control Cheap Prices - I can't win at this one either. Someone will have to teach me.